Uruguay, the oasis in the centre of the pandemic

Uruguay makes positive international headlines again: The European Union  has declared Uruguay the only country in the whole of Latin America to which it opens its borders from July with the reinstallation of some flights into the EU. This week sees the slow reopening of the air corridor to Europe with Iberia and Air Europe offering some flights to Madrid. The Uruguayan Foreign Minister pointed out that the encouraging result is due to the extraordinary work of responding with early measures of isolating positive cases, extensive testing and tracing as well as the cooperation and the responsible behaviour of its citizen. To date, Uruguay  has had only a total of 929 COVID 19 cases, 26 death and 818 persons recovered patients.  The European Union’s published list of only  18 countries worldwide currently allowed into Europe include mainly countries from other continents such as Canada, Australia, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand.



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